Los Lobos is a modern sanctuary, a place for study, contemplation, meetings with scientists, and meditations with renowned spiritual teachers.  The sanctuary programs are by invitation only, and happen every year over Christmas and New Years. If you would like to participate in one of the Sanctuary events please contact us.


Abbot smallDr. Geshe Shenphen Samdup

The Honorary Abbot of Los Lobos Sanctuary,
and director of Buddhist Studies

Geshe Shenphen Samdup was born in the village of Karzhi in Bhutan. His father brought him to the Menri Monastery in India at the age of seven, where he attended the School for Tibetan Refuges. In 1992 he joined the Bon Dialectic School, where he studied Philosophy, Tibetan, Grammar, Poetry, Astrology, Astronomy and Tibetan medicine, earning a PhD in 2004. (Read more)


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