DoorFrom the time we are in the womb we suffer ongoing free radical damage to mitochondria, the fuel factories in our cells. This damage begins with our mother’s diet, and builds up from environmental toxins, pesticides, and stress, until it manifests later as disease. By middle age, our ability to produce clean-burning fuel diminishes. And free radical damage leads to premature ageing and damage to our brain cells. When we cross a threshold of mitochondrial injury, illness, fatigue, and brain fog become perversely difficult to cure or even manage.

Cancer, diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and all degenerative diseases of the brain have in common free-radical damage and mitochondrial breakdown. When our mitochondria are strong, we switch on the genes that produce health. When they are weakened, they trigger premature cell suicide or apoptosis.

Glutathione is the master antioxidant in the body. It is essential to repair mitochondria and detoxify the brain and the liver. Yet our stress and toxin filled lifestyles overwhelm the body’s innate antioxidant systems. As a result, ageing is accelerated, we live in a brain fog, and our health compromised.

Energy medicine treatments help clear the imprints of disease from your energy field before they manifest in the body. And soul-retrieval helps you to recover long-lost innocence and enthusiasm.


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The Grow a new Body Program

Includes energy medicine consultation with Dr. Alberto Villoldo, glutathione and other antioxidant treatments, superfoods, osteopathic therapy, oxygen therapy, shamanic energy medicine, and individualized yoga instruction.

To live long and live well, you need to maintain brain health. Our treatments help eliminate free radicals from your body and your brain, and restore optimal mitochondrial functioning.

The Restoration juice blends help you to shed a decade of stress from your face, your skin,and your brain.

 The Power Up your Brain nutrients allow you to grow new brain cells to improve memory and prevent degenerative brain disorders.